Ward 7 - online poker

Ward7 is a online poker site, designed to help you win big money in the world of online poker. We are dedicated poker players and as such we really love to share our knowledge and to spread the word of onlne gaming. The egaming world has grown to a big industry during the first decade of the 21 century, from beeing a bit shady to attract larg online corporations.

The media and online poker

The media cover has gone from small ├╝berniched magazines to large online publications such as Poker news and Card player, teh available online games have also grown and you can play any poker variations possible online with hard cash today. This new world of online gambling require loads of knowledge and loads of hard core poker strategie to succed.

Finding the best poker sites

We will help you the best possible sites to gamble on, the sites with the best players, the most tables and the highest stakes, we will cater for the amateurs as well as for the high rollin gpoker pros. Every player is welcomme to our site. So, welcome to Ward 7 the 7 cards of wisdom!!